Welcome to DLI

Charity no: SCO10894

Can you spare £14 a month to change a child's life? 
David Livingstone International Ltd (DLI) is a British non-profit charity set-up over 50 years ago.  None of our staff receive salaries.  We are dedicated to helping orphans, needy children and students who are desperate to educate themselves out of abject poverty.  Our aim is to facilitate them to escape the 'poverty trap' through education and practical support.

With help from people like you, DLI are able to:

- Educate children to degree level
- Offer child sponsorship programmes for just £14 per month of which 100% goes to the child's needs (no admin costs are taken)
- Provide survival food packs (LifePAKs) for malnourished children
- Fund life changing operations including cleft lip and cleft palate
- Build, run and fund Christian based schools
- Offer life saving aid following natural disasters
- Provide fresh water for safer living
- Run livelihood programmes

What makes us different from other charities?
From the President to the Tea Boy, all DLI staff are volunteers and do not receive payment for their work, either here in the UK or abroad. 
We are a resourceful team who try to keep all office and administration expenses to the absolute minimum.
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