Bacolod girls home (Philippines)

Our girls home in Bacolod (on the island of Negros Occidental) was officially opened in October 2011. It is now home to 15 girls who live in remote mountainous villages. The girls live independently, with the unconditional support and love of our voluntary co-ordinator Jiji, who lives next door. Each of the girls is studying higher education, giving them the opportunity to realize dreams and become professionals. Without housing and support from DLI, they would not be able to study and would inevitably have seasonal-irregular work in the sugar plantations for just over £1 per day in searing heat and terrible conditions.

4 April 2011 - Groundbreaking by Dr. Gilbert Cozens, President                                 13 May 2011 - Roof structure starting. Walls and windows will be filled in afterward. We're trying to get the home undercover as soon as we can.                                                      16 June 2011 - One of the internal rooms. It's looking good!                                 20 July 2011 - The front elevation and one of the shower rooms                                        28 August 2011 - The front elevation and staircase being tiled

27 October 2011 - The official opening of Bacolod Girls Home